Monday, October 09, 2006

Well, That Was Disappointing

This morning a co-worker asked me if I’d heard the rumors about Joe Torre possibly being fired as the Yankees’ manager. I hadn’t.

Really, it’s not as bad as it was in 2004. That year, when the Twins were knocked out in the first round of the playoffs, I spent the entire rest of the weekend on the couch in my pajamas watching Sex and the City reruns with my good friends Ben & Jerry. It was much the same heartbreak as having been dumped by a boyfriend.

But this past weekend, even though my darling beloveds were swept by the As in game three on Friday, I managed to remain mostly functional. I cleaned my house, I played with my sister’s new puppy, I spent time with my niece.

Maybe it would be different if it seemed like my team had actually shown up for those three games against Oakland, but I don't know who those guys were out there. Johan Santana doesn't lose at the Dome. Joe Nathan does not throw wild pitches. Joe Mauer is NOT a .182 hitter. And Torii Hunter MAKES THAT PLAY. None of it made any sense. So I'm choosing to think of the whole thing the same way I think of The Godfather, Part III--so bad that it doesn't even really count.

Still, I know I haven’t grown completely cynical because I have not been able to look at anything remotely baseball related in days. Which means that I didn’t learn until after it was over that the Tigers had knocked the Yankees out as well.

So, you know. There’s that.



scrapperjen said...

First, good for you for functioning - I would be devastated!
Second, they beat the White Sox to get there in the first place (happy dance for that!).
Third, let me give you my motto - "Maybe next year".


EverydaySuperGoddess said...

Both the Yankees and the White Sox are done for the year, which leaves me with no team to root against. I don't know how to DO the post season without a team to hate...

Prego said...

Do what I do... root for the team down 3-2 in the Series.

My condolences, but sh*t.... at least you've lived through a championship. Try being a Buffalonian.

Miss T said...

Great to meet you at Amy's DOTD party this past weekend!

Anonymous said...
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