Tuesday, November 28, 2006


In putting together my annual Excel spreadsheet of the gifts I will be purchasing between now and Christmas (What? What??), I was super excited over the prospect of ordering two of the cutest little items ever. Tiny, shiny iPods! With engraving, no less!

I had visions of the DemiGoddesses opening their bitty packages on Christmas morning, gasping with joy, and then leaping over piles of discarded wrapping paper to fling their arms in ecstatic gratitude around their uber cool Goddess of a mother, who so clearly has her thumb on the pulse of everything that is cutting-edge and hip with the youngsters.

The next day, I began laying the groundwork...

“Have you seen those new baby iPod Shuffles? They’re sooooo cuuuuuute!”

…and was quickly shot down.

“I don’t want a Shuffle. I want a 30 GB video iPod.”

“Me neither. I want a Nano. A red one.”

Yeah. Not so much. Even if I were not morally opposed to the idea of buying teenagers expensive (as in, costing more than $79) high-tech electronic gadgets that they will probably break or lose or that will very likely be stolen from their lockers at school within a matter of days (which I am), no amount of Excel spreadsheet wrangling is going to work either of those items into my holiday budget.

After some negotiations, the three of us worked out an arrangement in which I will simply give to each of them the cash I would have spent on their Shuffles (no engraving for ME, sniffle), which they will then add to their respective iPod funds so that they can eventually purchase for themselves the items that they really want.

Gone are the days when I could work some clearance-aisle wizardry and produce a glee-inducing Christmas haul for $50. This year the Demis will be getting cash in a box, which may yet be glee-inducing, but is considerably less fun for ME.



Melissa said...

Oh that's sad. Easier I guess but sad. I'm sorry. I'm glad I have awhile before that day comes. We're still in the princess barbie and my little pony's at my house.

Demigoddess the Younger said...

You're making me feel bad! I've been saving up for a year for a video iPod...
(Demigoddess the younger)

D the E said...

Hey, hey, HEY!!
Those little shuffles are too cute for words... they're just to tiny for all the wierd bands I like.
Now I feel really bad and would rather get a my-size dancing barbie for christmas.

feel better?

EverydaySuperGoddess said...

My Size Dancing Barbie is only for kids who have no friends.

d the e said...

dang it!

Prego said...

jesus. i'm going to be in for it... either that or train the boys to be disappointed at christmastime