Tuesday, December 19, 2006

And Yet, They Look So Cheerful

It's been a very sad few days in the Goddess household.

For months, the DemiGoddesses have been looking forward to the arrival in March of their new baby brother (I am not pregnant. The Ex's wife is.). But now it's looking like this baby was not meant to be.

In spite of all the animosity there has been between the Ex and I, my heart is breaking for him. And for the Demis.

When we got the news on Saturday morning, there wasn't much to be done except pray and wait for someone to call with updates from the hospital. So we went ahead with the baking we had planned, and it helped, a little. Something in the purposeful creaming of butter and sugar, in the application of colored frosting and sprinkles, was a comfort.

We kept on baking, right through Sunday, when it seemed like there might still be hope. And just this afternoon, after the latest news was about as bad as it could have been, the Demis finally finished decorating the last of the cutout sugar cookies.

That photo shows only a portion. The dining room table is full, and there are more in the freezer.

And still, we're really, really sad.


Amy said...

Oh, no. That is very sad. And it brings out the truth in the old phrase, you wouldn't wish that on your worst enemy.

Especially this time of year.

Miss T said...

Very sorry to hear this. Even though it's an ex.

Melissa said...

Oh that is sad. I'm sorry for her and him and for your girls.

Baking though is a great thing to do. Looks very tasty at your house right now. Sheesh, you'll have sweets unitl Memorial day....or not. ;)

Have a great holiday.

Joe said...

That sucks. I'm very sad to hear it. My condolences to your Ex, his wife, the Demis and you.