Thursday, October 25, 2007

One Last Postseason Thought

Stupid Red Stupid Sox.

I am very, very angry at the Boston Red Sox for denying me seven more games of Grady Sizemore. Just when I was warming up to the idea of having a Cleveland boyfriend, just when I had decided that no, not the eyes, definitely that mouth is Mr. Sizemore’s most beguiling feature, just when I was beginning to feel better about how they had kicked the Twins' collective arses around all season, since they were clearly headed all the way to the World Series...

Well, you know how this ends.

It was a nice diversion. I forgot worrying about Torii Hunter going to Texas or Chicago or wherever, or Johan maybe someday becoming a You-Know-What-Kee, or what, exactly, life with the Twins’ new GM is going to be like. For a couple of weeks, I stopped asking how, how, HOW a team with an American League MVP and a Cy Young Award and an AL Batting Champion could finish the season under .500.

But I cannot root for the Red Sox and I do not care about the Colorado Rockies, so it seems that baseball is done for me until next March. Let us never speak of the 2007 season again.

And because I am a one-team goddess, I return now to being a straight-up Twins fan, wishing only strife and futility and pestilence upon the very team on whose behalf, as My Ho will confirm, just a few nights ago I was anxiously pacing my living room carpet.

That includes Mr. Sizemore, even though he is so PRETTY.
"Oh! You gods, why do you make us love your goodly gifts, and snatch them straight away?"


M. said...

I agree with your Grady Sizemore sentiments. I have a love-hate crush on him because, well, he is simply very nice to look at. BUT! He and the rest of the Indians consistently beat up the Twins this season and that is hard to forgive.

J said...

I think you should give Jacoby Ellsbury another chance. If what Basegirl discusses here ( is true, he's a truly good kid in addition to being an up and coming player. Just look at that smile.

EverydaySuperGoddess said...

Yes, okay, I'll concede that Mr. Ellsbury is delightful.

But that's ALL you're gettin' from me.

J said...

No prob - won't ask for more.

You must see this photo of the rookie from the flight home. He asked all the other players to sign his jersey for him. Aw.