Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Déjà Vu All Over Again

Remember this?

Well, the Twins returned to Fenway Park last night. Circumstances were a tiny bit different—as in, a game out of first place, five games up in the wild card race, and simultaneous possible MVP, batting title and Cy Young awards—this time around. My Ho had just secured our post season tickets that very morning, and I had begun to allow myself to believe that maybe, MAYBE, we might actually get to use them.

But even so, when Torii Hunter took the field in Boston last night, I had a funny feeling of dread.

The rain poured down, and I thought, that grass looks awfully slippery… I hope Torii is being careful…

And then, in the seventh inning, this happened:

And I very nearly lost my sh*t. Again.

But this time there was no cart--Torii managed to walk, er, limp, off the field unassisted. And then the Twins won, and Detroit lost, which means that now my darling beloveds are half a game out of first in the AL Central (while still 4.5 games up in the wild card race), and when that happens, it's very hard to succumb completely to post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Although, for some reason, every time I think of possibly facing the Yankees in the playoffs, my hands start to shake and I have trouble breathing. I wonder what that could be about...

Anyway, even you non-baseball-fans will get a kick out of the Twins rookie hazing recap that young relief pitcher Pat Neshek (who, at my house, is known fondly as “Spazzy McDancypants") wrote up on his blog. I especially love the bit about the security at Jacobs Field not wanting to let them into the stadium until they saw Johan Santana. Check it out here:
You have to scroll down a bit, but trust me, you’ll know which post I'm talking about.

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Prego said...

Mrs. Hunter must wear the cojones in that family. There's no way I'd let my wife name a child (male or female) 'Torii'.

Merely suggesting it is grounds for divorce.

Good luck in the post season. Now if you'll excuse me, the NHL is about to go underway.