Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Leather, It’s So Buttery

I just had the most impossibly serene, productive shopping experience. The kind of shopping experience that isn’t supposed to happen ten days before Christmas.

And I almost didn’t go at all, because it has been snowing and snowing, and I was afraid that the roads would be bad and the mall would be crowded, and I’d have to rush around so much that by the time I got back to work after lunch I’d be totally strung out and surly. But my father’s most inconveniently timed birthday is this weekend, and my mother, she knew of the perfect gift. At the Sharper Image. At the mall.

So I went.

And then…

I found an underground parking spot. The sales people were friendly—charming, even. Not only did I find the items I had gone there for, I even found items I forgot I needed. And the perfect book for little Madge.

The line at the bookstore was short and moved quickly. There was no line at ALL at the ATM. And that’s when I knew I had stumbled upon a genuine Christmas miracle.

I even had time to stop in the Cole Haan store and pet the handbags.

Somebody. Pinch me.


jo(e) said...

A serene, productive shopping experience?

That never happens to me.

Dawn said...

Mmmmmmm, buttery Leather.Bet it smelled good too.