Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sister Love’s Traveling Salvation Show

Last evening's sister/cousin gathering was a tremendous success.

Tiffany filled me in on her trip to Norway, and, in particular, her private tour of the leprosy museum, which appears to have been the highlight. But I'm afraid she now believes she is actually Norwegian, even though our family is about the only one in the entire state of Minnesota without a drop of Scandinavian blood. Unless it’s via the Vikings raping and pillaging in Ireland, of course.

Shanna agreed with me wholeheartedly on the subject of Mr. Darcy/Colin Firth, and was astonished that I hadn’t seen the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice before.

Kerry breezed in late bearing gifts of hemp brownies (the legal kind), and then breezed out again a short while later, because she had to get home to the baby.

Aunt Karen’s hair has grown back almost to the point where she can go to work without her wig. Almost.

Molly kept our glasses perpetually filled with flirtinis (with pomegranate seed garnishes). Heavens, those are delightful.

Meghan got my mom all whipped into a frenzy talking politics, and, as always, looked fabulous doing it.

Dad worked the room and yelled at the dog, who discovered tasty party snacks of his very own in the cat box.

My Ho endured it all admirably, and did not try to escape even once.

And then Betsy changed out the Christmas music for the Neil Diamond CD and I nearly died laughing as the Demigoddesses joined them all in dancing and singing all over the dining room.

Take my hand in yours
Walk with me this day
In my heart, I know
I will never stray
Halle, halle, halle, halle, halle, halle, halle

It's Love, Love
Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show
Pack up the babies
Grab the old ladies
Everyone goes
Everyone knows
Brother Love's show



Crazy Lady said...

That sounds like a great evening. And all that family together and not a single spat, tiff, or tussle in sight? Wow!

jo(e) said...

I love this glimpse into the gathering.

jo(e) said...

I love this glimpse into the gathering.

jo(e) said...

Okay, that darned word verification thing is giving me a hard time so now I've got this echo.