Thursday, December 15, 2005

Six Degrees of Jittaun R. Townsend

After my mistaken-identity post the other day, a friend did some digging and unearthed an address and phone number for the in-default and most-definitely-not-me Jittaun. Feeling victorious, I called the student loan holder’s customer service department to bestow this bit of information upon them. I was quickly shot down, however, when the phone representative informed me that they already had that address and phone number, and neither was valid any more. Gar.

Then my friend, who is apparently very good at digging up information, and who should perhaps look into a secondary career as a private investigator, came up with some more for me.

Mr. Jittaun R. Townsend, it seems, is actually a Ms. The R. stands for Renee, and Ms. Townsend appears to have shared a couple of different addresses with an Otha E. Townsend, which might explain why she's been so difficult to locate lately.

Otha E. Townsend’s most recent place of residence, you see, is Stillwater State Prison. He is there serving a life sentence for shooting two women in the face. One of them died.

Neither of the victims was Jittaun, but there it is. Whether she was the wife or some kind of relative to Otha E., one can hardly blame Ms. Townsend for changing her name and not leaving a forwarding address.

Jittaun, honey, I hope you’re okay and managing to build a new, safe life for yourself. But girlfriend, please. You GOTTA pay that student loan.


Meghan said...

That sounds terrible! AH!. Poor Jittaun!

Anonymous said...
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EverydaySuperGoddess said...

Dear Anonymous:

I didn't put anything on the internet that wasn't already a matter of public record. I'm sorry about your dad and your Aunt Jittaun, but if she would have paid her studend loans I would never have known about any of it.

Anonymous said...

I understand what you're saying - but to what degree do you go and out her family like that? I happen to know Jittaun personally, she may not have paid her student loan and obviously theirs a reason why. She's a student and typically unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, students struggle to pay their bills. Jittaun has come a long way, and I don't think she should've been outted or exposed just because her mail went to your house or you got a phone call. Now it's like you're trying to convict her for a crime her brother committed, Jittaun is a beautiful person and she doesn't deserve anymore online abuse from you. Geesh!!!