Friday, March 17, 2006

Buy This Book

Because BatGirl wrote it, and she is awesome.

Not convinced?

Check THIS out.

Still not convinced?

Well, here’s the thing. Even though BatGirl (who is also known as Anne Ursu to peole who don't care about baseball) has published two novels previously, and even though one of them won a Minnesota Book Award, apparently publishers are only interested in putting a lot of promotion behind the really huge, blockbuster books like Nicole Richie’s stupid boring piece of ass crap*. And that is just wrong.

Take a stand on behalf of good writing. Make your voice heard. Because, particularly in the world of kids' book publishing, everything depends on word of mouth.

So go! Ask for it! Leave random copies on the tables at Barnes & Noble! Face them outward on the shelves at the bookstore! Or, just order it online HERE.

You can even buy it through your Scholastic Book Club flyer, which is how I know she’s REALLY hit the big time.

*A most excellent derogatory term coined by BatGirl herself.

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