Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It's Self-Absorbed Ho Day!

Things have been kind of crazy in My Ho’s world lately. Between dealing with his mom’s estate, and then all of the death-of-a-baseball-superstar drama causing uproar at his place of employment, anyone else (I) would have had a very noisy nervous breakdown days and days ago. But somehow, through it all, My Ho has managed to continue getting his Youngster where he needs to be, he’s been reassuring to me during a series of anxious moments, and he even managed to peddle Girl Scout Cookies for the DemiGoddesses to his co-workers... AND sell more boxes than I did at my own work. Through it all, he’s taken care of everybody around him, in his usual generous, cheerful, kind and helpful way.

But not today.

Today it's all about you, My Ho. It’s Self-Absorbed Ho Day, which means that all day long YOU will choose where you want to go and YOU will decide what you want to do, and I am going to do nothing but follow behind, gazing at you adoringly and telling you what a fantastic human being and uber-excellent dad and boyfriend and chum to the Demis you are. Today, I will be opening the doors for YOU.

I realize this may be uncomfortable for you in the beginning. But based on the Self Absorbed Girlfriend Day that I enjoyed last November, a day in which you played a vital role, I can tell you with utmost confidence that you’ll get used to it.

Happy Birthday, My Ho!


Prego said...

you're superhuman.

i still have to take out the garbage and flush my own toilet on my birthday.

Melanie Lynne Hauser said...

Aw, Happy Birthday! And you're a wonderful partner, to give him such a special day.