Friday, March 24, 2006

They Thought it Was Funny, Too, Once I Explained the Joke

The other night I was watching Lost with My Ho and his Youngster. At the introduction of the scene in which Sun goes to Sawyer to ask him if she can go through his stash of medical supplies to look for a pregnancy test, there was a shot of Sawyer, the island’s crude, cunning, sarcastic con man, enjoying a new read:

I laughed out loud. My Ho and the Youngster did not.

It took me a few minutes to realize that, being guy-types, they would have no idea why seeing Sawyer reading that particular book was so funny.

I explained it to them during the commercial.


JeepGirl said...

Way too funny. I think my daughter has read most of her books.

Melissa said...

That's so funny. Most guys would need it explained to them.

Dawn said...

Hmmm, yeah, I laughed when he mentioned "not enough Sex"

Now sawyer can give "Your Body and You" classes

Anonymous said...

Hey Goddess. Read your issue with 12-Hour Sudafed over on ABB's site. You should just go to another chain, say Walgreens or CVS or some such. We do Walgreens and while the store you're loyal to will deny you your meds, the one a mile up the road can't because they don't synch up their data. In St. Louis, they actually write it in a log like it's 1945 and flip back and look for your name on the list. Feelin for you and your sinuses. Sorry for a random commment on your Judy Blume post.


rob said...

Ramona Quimby: Age 8!


rob said...

BTW - The above is meant to be read ala Strong Mad.