Wednesday, June 07, 2006


It appears that I’ve been tagged by Mr. BergBlog (who is not Mr. Bonser , although that would have been okay, too…). And because I’m still reeling from the shocking jump in hits I received from Batgirl’s site yesterday, and, also, in honor of Mr. Bonser (who is not Mr. Bergblog) starting against the Mariners this evening, I’m going to go ahead and bore you all with a list of five things about EverydaySuperGoddess:

5 Items in My Fridge
A Brita Water Filter Pitcher
Two Bottles of Harp Lager (The remains of the six-pack I bought for St. Patrick’s day. The Goddess is not much of a drinker.)
Chile Morita Fire Roasted Salsa
Leftover Macaroni and Cheese (Made last night by DemiGoddess the Younger)
Four Pounds of Butter (Costco rules!)

5 Items in My Closet
A Radke Jersey (Very Dusty and Possibly Still Cursed)
A Santana Jersey (Defnintely not touching the Radke Jersey)
A “Ron Gardenhire is my Boyfriend” Shirt
Many, Many Dairy Queen Cap Night Twins Caps
Two Cartons of Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow Eggs (What’s left of my carefully rationed Easter stash)

5 Items in My Car
Walking Shoes
A Whole Foods Re-Usable Grocery Bag
Two 40 lb. Bags of Water Softener Salt (That I haven’t had the will to haul down to the basement yet)
A Blue Mynci Stuffed Neopet (From a Long-Ago McDonald's Happy Meal)
My Earbud Radio (For use while running, walking, or when the DemiGoddessess have choir concerts while the game is on.)

5 Items in My Purse
Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint No 1136
12-Hour Sudafed Tablets
Lots of Receipts from Trader Joe’s

There. Now you know ALL my secrets.

And, because no one likes to suffer alone, I’m tagging Amy, Meghan, Melissa, Angelica and Joe.


rob said...


I had rehearsal and missed the game. I would have given my left nut to see that one. Sounds like it was hot.

In extra innings, too. Extra innings = free baseball. Free baseball, like free food, is the best tasting kind of baseball.

Melissa said...

Oh crap, I just did a meme today. Can I do it in a week or two?

I love Costco too. It makes me happy when I have enough of one thing to survive the appoclypse, like the box of Goldfish snacks that will never go away.