Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Note to Self:

Next summer? At the Pride festival?

Stay the HELL away from the chicken gyro stand, you idiot.

I so do not have time to be sick, but apparently my lower intestine did not get the memo.

Oh, that's okay. Don't worry about me. I'll just be right over here, wishing for death.


Amy said...

Huh...I'd second the motion to stay away from that stand. I had the regular gyro, didn't get sick, but lordy, that was the worst gyro I ever had. The buffalo shrimp were much, much better.

Chris said...

Boy, am I ever glad I didn't eat anything there! :)

Prego said...

Festival food in general is a Lose-Lose situation.

(A) You eat enough of it, you get 'Festival-ass' and have to wear polyester pants and souvenir t-shirts for eternity.

(B) Your current ailment.

(Amy, buffalo shrimp? Why are they trying to pin that sh*t on us? We don't eat those here in Buffalo. Perhaps Duluth shrimp or Burnsville shrimp... but Buffalo? NEVER.)