Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Question Posed During Last Night’s Merciless Pounding Baseball Game

Why is it that no one on the Yankees team ever seems to age?

Pettitte and Jeter and even Mariano Rivera have looked exactly the same since 1996.
I think they must drink the blood of small children during the off season.


J said...

It's that pact with the devil they each made upon donning pinstripes.

Eons from now when our boys are in baseball heaven, they will be...well, you know.

Sorry about your game. We had a decent day yesterday. Tonight should be good as well with the local debut of the 103.11 million dollar man.

EverydaySuperGoddess said...

Ooh, that's tonight? I'm kind of interested in seeing his face off against Ichiro.


Maurey Pierce said...

I don't care if Jeter's made a pact with the devil so that his luscious butt never ages.

It's paid off.

J said...

In Jeter's case, the pact with the devil also includes staying deep in a certain closet.

So they say.

Prego said...

All ball players have to sell their soul before they report to the damned Yankees.

Then they go to hell in Milwaukee.

Prego said...

and thanks for the well wishin'