Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hello Again My Darling Beloveds. It’s been too, too long.

Tonight is the Twins home opener—and just now I accidentally typed “hope opener,” which, in a way, it is as well. Because the Twins’ first two series in Toronto and Cleveland were, let’s say, disappointing. But tonight they return to our own glorious Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, to face Oakland on the home Astroturf, before legions of fans who adore them unconditionally. The fans who love them even when they are plagued by both a weak offense and, remarkably, a less-than-stellar defense. The fans who continue to choose to ignore the 2005 season, and also the eerie similarities between it and the last six games.

The Twins will bask in all of that unconditional love and will be inspired to turn it around and begin fulfilling the potential that we insist they have. Tony Batista will become a third-base powerhouse. Designated hitter Rondell White will actually, you know, get some hits. And Brad Radke will strike out every batter in the first inning. And the second. And the third.

I need this blind optimism. I need a “hope opener” to counteract the growing sense of inadequacy I feel when I look at my poor, chaotic kitchen. Because, in spite of having completed painting the ceiling yesterday, late last night as I looked around at the mess, as I thought of the days of work that still lie ahead, a horrible thought came to me. A tiny voice inside my head asked, “What if, when all this work is done, this kitchen is just as ratty looking as it was before? What if it ends up just as ratty looking, only in a different color?”


Gette said...

I will be there, section 139, Row 13, screaming my everlovin' butt off for those boys to do that #34 in center field proud. Tryin' to convince hubby that his kilt would go really well with his Jones jersey...rawwwrrrrr.

EverydaySuperGoddess said...


I'm not sure exactly where our seats are, but I will be sporting my new Santana jersey.

Johan is not pitching tonight, but his deliciousness merits wearing at any time during the rotation.

Prego said...

(It's a shame your "Wild" will be sitting out the post-season while the old North Stars are sitting pretty atop their division... ouch.)

We painted the cupboards, put in a new floor, counter-top and bought new appliances.

The dishes still clutter the sink.

Viva Venezuela again,

EverydaySuperGoddess said...

As long as Mike Modano remains on the team, I will always think of them as the North Stars.

Yeah, that one still hurts a little.

Amanda Marlaena said...

We all need someone - a whole team of someones at times - to believe in. "Hope opener" is right; not being a sports fan, I know nothing about your team's record, but I think it is beautiful the way fans place their hopes into a night of sports, wishing for just one evening to forget about their ratty kitchens and other worldly worries.

I play in two soccer leagues. Every game, not just the first, is a "hope opener" for me: For the couple of hours when I am playing any game, the rest of the world is suspended, and it's all about the hope of watching my team make great plays, make more goals than the other team, and encourage one another forward to victory.

Hope your team did well!