Friday, April 28, 2006

I (Heart) Corporate America

I know I need to develop a thicker skin. I’ve been aware of that for a while, actually.

For three days, I sat in roomful of opinionated, overweight white guys, listening to their arguments go around and around for hours, and leaving each day feeling like a bus had run me over and then backed over me and run me over again, just to make sure it had made its point.

After lunch on Wednesday the Marketing Deity himself took a moment to tell me how great it was that I could be there, because most people on my “level” never have an opportunity to see firsthand the important discussions that take place in these meetings.

(Yes! Thank you Marketing Deity! I am so very grateful that you allow a lowly maggot like me to be locked up in a hotel meeting room with these people for three days! Your generosity, it knows no bounds!)

Since Wednesday, his comment has gnawed at me. Since Wednesday, I have been irritated with myself for allowing his comment, which I'm sure neither he nor his staggeringly large ego even remember making, to gnaw at me.

This morning, back into my regular routine and once again in the company of my posse of co-workers, I was enthusiastically reassured that I am not overly sensitive. The man is sorely lacking in the people skills department. And they were happy to provide me with detailed examples in support of this fact.

What a relief to be around people who speak my language again.

(But I’m still going to work on that thicker skin thing.)


rob said...

Completely unrelated but still poignant: What may help you develop that thicker skin is the ass handing your boys are gonna take next Monday and Tuesday.


EverydaySuperGoddess said...

I would try to argue, but I'm not a complete glutton for punishment.

Although "ASS HANDING" might be a little extreme, I'll grant you that the outcome of that series will depend entirely on which team shows up--the underachieving Twins or the team that lives up to the potential I KNOW they have. Somewhere. Or at least that I used to know they had, back before before all the ass-crappery. It could go either way.

And anyway, I would think you'd be a little more grateful to the team that relieved you of Bret Boone.

Just sayin'.

rob said...

Oh...I'm just talkin' a little game, doll. I'm confident that it'll be a good series. We're pretty evenly matched in terms of standings (Ms 9-14, Twins 9-12) so it definitely comes down to which team shows up in both dugouts.

If you want to talk about ass handing, let's look at the 13-3 routing the M's suffered at the hands of the White Sox on Tuesday. I mean, sure, CHW is a longballing team but this is freaking Safeco, one of the pitcher friendliest parks in the league. There's just no excuse for that.

Freakin' Pineiro.

rob said...

Oh...and as for Boone: THANK YOU TWINS.

Inconsistent drama queens we do NOT need.

EverydaySuperGoddess said...

Mmmmm... Safeco... I could use me a pork butt sandwich and some outdoor ball right about now.

Around these parts, we call 'em the Bitch Sox. (Thanks to Batgirl.)

It used to be they were beatable, and then the real fun was in listening to them whine about the unjustness of the universe afterwards. Lately, though, not so much with the beatable...

Jean-Luc Picard said...

'your level' is a phrase that must rankle.

Prego said...

Periodically I have to sit through the "love your tie" routine. I seethe.

My skin is brown and thick - it's my stomach that needs a little fortitude.

PS - I wish I could join your baseball banter, but
A) Buffalo's only got a minor league club - and
B) I kind of tuned out avid viewing after Thurman Munson's plane took a plunge and Billy Martin decided to let his drunk-ass buddy give him a a lift home.

Bri said...

A thick skin could be a good thing, but most of us just don't have it. Reading things in your blog about myself was really hard for me, and upsetting, and negative, and I guess that we both lack that thick skin quality because we are caring, feeling women.

You're welcome to read my blog, which I started at around the same time you started yours. I don't think I ever blogged about you, or the divorce, or anything unkind about my ex. It's not my style.

It hurt me a lot to read the Ex-Ina and Google posts, but I think I'll survive it. The good thing I got from the experience was the insight that you are a hard-working and devoted mom. I just wish you hadn't put the negativity out there. I didn't deserve it.