Monday, April 17, 2006

Still. Painting.

Friday I spent the day scrubbing years of accumulated grease and grime off my kitchen cabinets, and removing the cupboard doors and all the hardware.

Saturday I taped and primed the cabinets and woodwork. Applying “Super Gripper” primer was a little bit like painting with glue, but even so, one coat didn’t completely cover the dark stain. So I taped and primed again. After that I had to stop because it was 2:00 a.m., and I was out of tape. Again.

Yesterday I couldn't buy any more because all the stores were closed for Easter, which is probably just as well. After brunch with the family at my mom and dad’s house, My Ho took the DemiGoddesses and me to the Twins game, and I spent much of the day nibbling chocolate, picking primer off my person (I look like I have some kind of horrible blotchy white peeling skin disease), and not taping or painting anything at all. Not even a drawer front.

Which brings us to today, otherwise known as day eleven of my kitchen improvement adventure. My microwave and toaster oven remain on the dining room table. The silverware is still buried under a growing pile of mail on the buffet. The stove and refrigerator are covered with plastic dropcloths and miscellaneous hardware items. One side of the kitchen sink contains dirty dishes, the other side contains a bucket of TSP substitute. Little bits of wallpaper have been tracked all over the house. The DemiGoddesses have lived on takeout food for over a week, and today I spent my lunch hour at Home Depot buying drawer pulls and (surprise!) more tape.

The chaos that has consumed my house is making me crazy. But I will persevere. I will endure.



Angelica said...

You'll come out on top! Don't worry...take plenty of before and after pictures, because even though you will live through it, your brain will NEVER let you believe that your kitchen was once a horrid mess and you will only see the great job you did. I am going to put up a post today of the kitchen renovation we did earlier this will either inspire you or make you throw down your paintbrushes and hire someone!

Boof said...

Yup it happens every year. The good weather comes and you have that tick that makes you want to clean the house.

Say, I keep running into you on all the blogs I read. Every time I see "goddess" I think, "hmmm why do I know that blog?" and I always end up clicking on your blog through everyone elses blog.

So, would trading links bring an "aye" or "nay" vote from you? I would've emailed you but I couldn't find your addy.

dave said...

Who knew you had this recessive
handy-person gene? Musta come from
grampa Tom T. That's good advice to
take lots of before and after pix,
'specially the before, so after the
blessed amnesia of the pain has set
in, you can gaze back in wonder at
how YOU transformed your crib.