Monday, May 15, 2006

Better Than A Stuffed Unicorn

My yesterday began with waffles. Waffles topped with pecans and sliced bananas, no less. After months of trying to get a table at Zumbro on a Sunday morning, it seems that on Mother’s Day, while the families of four and six have to wait, like FOREVER, a party of two (My Ho and me) is no problem.

Halfway through my (delightful) waffles I remembered that I had left my cell phone charging in the kitchen at home. And I had locked the front door. And the DemiGoddesses, who were due back from their Girl Scouts camping weekend some time before noon, did not have a housekey.

Happy Mother’s Day.

To my tremendous relief, neither Demi was on the doorstep when we returned from breakfast. They arrived later in the morning bearing gifts of Laffy Taffy candies in a carefully selected array of flavors, which they had purchased just for me at the camp store. Apparently it had come down to a choice between the candy and a unicorn stuffed animal, and my wise children went with the Laffy Taffy because they know their Goddess mother has a superhuman sweet tooth.

I also received a bouquet of lilacs from the back yard.

And then, as if those weren’t gifts enough, they also allowed me to complete an entire game of Age of Empires. From the Dark Age all the way through the Imperial Age, they patiently waited for their turn on the computer.

After dinner with the family at my Mom and Dad’s, the three of us ended the day on my parents’ bed in the dark, flipping between the Twins game and the Survivor finale and occasionally engaging in foot fights and kiss attacks.

The Twins lost, but even so, I couldn't have asked for a better day.


rob said...

The Twins should have more foot fights and kiss attacks. So should the M's. they're both still tied for sucky place.

Speaking of tied up: I never thought I would be typing the following words. I never thought that these words could ever be typed. I always assumed that keyboards just self destructed when anyone tried to type these words:

The Chicago Whitesox and the Detroit Tigers are tied for first place in the American Le(KA-BOOOM!).

EverydaySuperGoddess said...

Oh, but the Twins are ahead of Cleveland AND Kansas City now!

So I guess the M's have won the suckage race for now.

rob said...

Ummmm...yeah. The ingrown hair on the left hemisphere of my scrotum is sitting prettier in the standings than Kansas City.

Happy belated Mother's Day, by the way.

EverydaySuperGoddess said...

Thank you, both for the Mother's Day wishes and for that charming image.

Perhaps, uh, you ought to have that looked at...