Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Fool Me Twice

One of the many sisterly wrongs that my sister, Meghan, has still not forgiven me for is the time when I was five (which would have made her three) and I cut all the hair off her Barbie doll. When she discovered the damage, she was much more upset than I had anticipated she’d be, and I knew I had to think fast to keep her from running to my parents and getting me in trouble.

“It’s okay,” I told her. “It’ll grow back!”

It worked.

I felt a tiny bit of guilt (I’m not completely heartless), but I was off the hook, so it was all good. Except that the hair never did grow back, of course, and to this day Meghan, who apparently has the memory of an elephant, loves to use that particular incident as evidence that she spent her entire childhood being victimized by her older sister.

Fast forward to my recent garage sale, when, through the magic of fresh batteries, I managed to entice my niece into falling love with the DemiGoddesses’ old Furbys. They both went home with Maggie (and, by association, my poor, unsuspecting sister, Meghan). I felt a tiny bit of guilt (again, not completely heartless), but I gave them to her for free, of course, and ultimately, those nasty, noisy, talking monstrosities (the Furbys, not my sister and her daughter) were gone from my house, so it was all good.

Except that this is what happened after that.

Yes, I am evil. But you’d think she’d learn.


Melissa said...

That is too funny. My brothers have never learned yet either. I think ti has something to do with us being older and their being too trusting. Who knows. Your sisters post was hystercial.

Furby's are possessed. We also once had a possessed Elmo. He met the same fate as that Furby.

Meghan said...

At least you didn't make me pay for those little fuckers.

It's fun though, concocting scnearios of maiming and torture.

They are hidden away. LOVE the cat though. That one doesn't talk. It just quietly meows. Much nicer.

Melanie Lynne Hauser said...

Oh, so funny! I HATE those things. They would seriously freak out our cat, during the afternoons when the boys were in school, and those dang things would just start talking all on their own. The cat used to nudge them down the stairs, trying to shut them up! (Smart kitty.)

Katie the Amazing said...

Ha! I can't believe I actually played with those things. I loved your poem, Meghan!

Prego said...

All the annoying toys in the Prego household come from the in-laws. What is it with the Irish that draw them to flashing lights and noise? Memories of getting hauled into a drunk tank?

JeepGirl said...

I cut the hair off my sisters head at that age. She had two pigtails and I cut them off. Didn't turn out too bad either. Even tho I got into trouble.