Friday, June 24, 2005

And You Thought I Forgot

Yesterday, during a rerun of that creepy Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes interview, which I so made a point of watching since everyone has been talking about how bizarre it was, and I missed it the first time and I HATE it when everyone is talking about something that I haven’t seen, Oprah said something to Tom that I found quite profound.

She said, “…you can tell a man’s character by the kind of woman who is with him.”


If that’s true, then my ex is an immature, emotionally unstable psycho with bad skin who blames me for every evil in the known universe.

That Oprah. She is SO wise.

(You didn't really think a day was going to go by without some venom for my ex, did you?)

1 comment:

JB said...

I don’t give a damn about stars and their current flings, but that Tom and Katie thing has even made my radar—creepy, indeed!

BTW, blogging about one’s ex shows good form. What are blogs for, if not revenge?