Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I Rule

Thanks to the miracle of Google, I recently learned all sorts of fascinating things about myself that I never knew. For example, did you know that I, along with 600 or so scientists and technicians, was “part of an elite cadre immersed in one episode of the ultimate science project: expanding the art and science of the possible” by working on NASA’s Spirit Mars rover?


It seems that I am also president of a communications company; earned a BFA in visual design from Southeastern Massachusetts University; am an undergraduate academic support tutor at Cardiff Law School; am a gifted artist who creates original oil and acrylic paintings of floral, religion, portraiture, and Sanskrit calligraphy; and am on the board of the Institute of Transportation Engineers in Palm Desert, California.

Damn. No wonder I’m so freakin’ tired all the time.

Last fall, when my Ho first expressed interest in spending some time together, I accepted, mainly because a mutual friend gave him a highly positive endorsement. A short time later, when he seemed WAY too good to be true, I Googled him. Not only did my search confirm all of his stories, but I found a few highly complimentary items that he hadn’t even told me about yet. THAT certainly wasn’t supposed to happen.

A little while after that, curiosity got the better of me and I Googled his ex wife. I admit, that one felt a little creepy. Interesting… but creepy. This time, however, my suspicions were all confirmed. I'm WAY better than her. There wasn't anything about "expanding the art and science of the possible" on her list. She's never been part of an "elite cadre" of anything at all. I totally win.

(I have not Googled my own ex. I already know more than I want to about him.)


Meghan said...

I used to google myself and the only things that came up were my regrettable Sorority association and my last marathon time. Everything else was all about this OTHER Meghan who was some kind of a track star, and had a law dergree. NOW my blog comes up AHEAD of all those fools. TAKE THAT MEGHAN TOWNSEND!

Katie Burke said...

I love doing this. I am a gymnast, a fictional character in a Katie Holmes movie (and the character's name is actually "Katie Burke," and she has a blog ... how weird!), etc. Love your blog, by the way! I just found it through Meghan, and I am linking it to mine. You are hilarious.