Monday, June 20, 2005

So. Father's Day.

I spent yesterday afternoon at our city pool with my children, getting sunburned and being deeply disappointed (again) by my beloved and, lately, deeply disappointing Minnesota Twins.

And speaking of disappointment, the Demigoddess’ father backed out of taking them for Father’s Day weekend for this reason:

From: Father of the Year
Sent: Friday, June 17, 2005 9:18 AM
To: EverydaySuperGoddess
Subject: This Weekend

…The truth is that I just don't have the gas money (or credit available) to drive there or back. I'm totally broke right now. We'll have to schedule something on a future weekend.

He and the new wife have just bought a house, which they are in the process of finalizing financing on. Apparently that’s where all his money has gone.

The children left him a voicemail around noon. He did not return their call. They do not appear to have noticed that he did not return their call. And that is simultaneously a good and a very sad thing.

So. They had fun at the pool. We left in time for us to get home and change, and then stop at the bookstore to pick up a gift for MY Dad ('cuz yeah, I'm exactly THAT organized), and then we had a lovely barbecue at my parents' house, with my sisters, aunt, cousin, and niece. Steak, cherry pie, and a reworking of the lyrics to "You Don't Bring Me Flowers," which reflected the fact that two of my sisters have been roomies for the past year or so. Here's a snippet:

"You don't clean the bathroom,
You only talk about it...

And your boyfriend
nevers closes the kitchen cupboard doors..."

Or something like that. Our family gatherings almost always involve 70's pop music and quotes from the Little House on the Prairie TV series. My brother-in-law, mysteriously, made a fast and early exit.

Dad liked the book. Thanks again for the gift idea, Ho.



Meghan said...

My first thought when I saw a comment from this tagname was "I think that came frorm Julie."

Hmmm... I am so excited tha tyou guys are writing. Some days I can get my piece done in a few minutes. sometimes is takes upwards of an hour. I can't wait to see your stuff!

Meghan said...

And I was also all "who the Hell gave me 2 starts on this? Out of 4? BULLSHIT!

Batgirl said...

What was the book?