Thursday, October 13, 2005

Happy Day of Atonements

Yesterday there were cupcakes and pretty little mini-cakes for sale in the office lobby where I work to raise money for a children’s charity. I bought cupcakes for the Demigoddesses, and was tempted to buy one of the mini-cakes for My Ho as a “Happy Yom Kippur” treat, since he’s Jewish and I knew he was planning to attend a service last night. But then I remembered that Yom Kippur is supposed to include fasting, and that would have made the smiley face that the mini-cake was decorated with seem more mocking and mean than cute and cheerful. So I didn’t.

When My Ho called me last night, I told him about the mini-cake. He said I could have bought it for him anyway, because he’d already eaten a bowl of cereal after sundown.

“But that’s cheating!”

“God will put an asterisk by my name in the repentance book,” he said.

“Great,” I said. “You’ll be the Roger Maris of repentance.”

There’s a lot I don’t know about the Jewish faith. One thing I recently learned is that in Judaism, a person can atone for their sins to God, but when they’ve wronged another person, they still have to reconcile with that person directly. That agrees with what I already knew about the 12-steps, in which making direct amends to people you’ve harmed is an important part of the process. I've found a lot more spiritual truth in the 12 steps than I ever did in growing up Catholic. The confession and absolution thing always seemed a little too convenient to me.

Another thing I recently learned is that loaner yarmulkes are available for men to wear during services (which I have to make a conscious effort not to refer to as "mass"). Apparently My Ho doesn’t have a yarmulke any more, and wore one that was provided at yesterday’s service as he repented*.

That’s a nice idea, in theory. But… eew. Ever since I was in the fifth grade and my youngest sister brought home a nasty case of head lice from daycare I have had a phobia about hat-sharing of any kind. My Ho assured me that the loaners get washed in between uses, but still. Eew.

So, the good news is, now I know what to get him for Christmas.


Amy said...

What--a smiley cupcake, or a yarmulke?

esg's ho said...

To: Amy
From: Ho
Re: What--...


EverydaySuperGoddess said...

Neither. A bottle of RID.

(Actually, I was talking about the yarmulke, but maybe a mini-cake, too...)

Melanie Lynne Hauser said...

Hah! Did you see the first new episode of Curb Your Enthusisasm this season, when Larry David used his yarmulke to wipe his eyeglasses in the middle of the service??

Meghan said...

You were not supposed to tell ANYONE that we had lice!

God Julie. How embarrassing! I can't beleive you.

EverydaySuperGoddess said...

I DIDN'T tell anyone WE had lice.

I said "my youngest sister," as in BETSY, had lice.

YOU just told everybody YOU had lice, ya dope.