Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Please Excuse the Exclamation Points, I’m Understandably a Little Wound Up

The children are going to Chicago! The children are going to Chicago!!

My lovely and generous and kind ex-mother-in-law is taking the Demigoddesses to Chicago tonight. The Demis have a long weekend off from school, so they will be visiting their uncle and aunt who live in Chicago until Sunday morning.

Did you catch that? I said SUNDAY MORNING!!

I have tonight, all day tomorrow, all day Friday and all day Saturday to do WHATEVER I WANT!

I can watch rated R DVDs! I can spend hours and hours reading! I can drink alcohol! I can have the whole couch! And the remote! And eat all the popcorn, all by myself! I can watch Sex and the City with the volume turned up REALLY LOUD! I can spend three days in bed! I can have a leisurely stroll through Target, and not buy anything for anyone but ME!!! I may even start smoking, just for the weekend, because—WHATEVER I WANT!!

I am taking a vacation day on Friday, to maximize the basking in my complete and total lack of responsibility.

But first, I am going to clean my house, so that I can be responsibility-free AND have three consecutive days of cleanliness!



Jane said...

Whatever, Mom, whatever. Have fun anyways(I'm in chicago right now, it's super-de-duper!)

trinks said...

*tear* *sniffle* *tear*
I miss you, too!

madge said...

This post made me cry a little. Clearly you will be so desperate missing your Demi-G's, how will you make it through?

Kidding. I was crying because I'm SO FREAKING JEALOUS.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we're all jealous! do tell (actually, please don't!)