Thursday, October 27, 2005

Well, Well, Well.

The party’s over. The Sox won it all. I can be a grownup and offer them congratulations, even if I’m screaming on the inside.

I experienced a severe moral dilemma during this series. For months, I have been pulling for whatever team was playing against Chicago. One after another, first the Twins, then Cleveland, then Boston, and finally the Angels, they all failed me. So, until Tuesday night, in spite of my suspicions regarding anything that comes out of Texas, I was totally rooting for the Astros…

...until I saw George and Barbara Bush in the stands in Houston. I spent the rest of Tuesday night’s game trying to decide who I hold more animosity in my heart toward—the White Sox or the Republicans. In the end, I decided that, as much as I loathe the Sox, I cannot root for any team that the Bush family is behind. So there you go. Go Sox. I very much underestimated you, and I’m a big enough Goddess to admit it. (Bleh.)

In addition to which, watching the Astros put men on base with no outs, and then squander every opportunity to score… well, that was all too familiar a heartbreak, as any Twins fan will tell you. (Double bleh.)

Appropriately, My Ho and I watched the last out together, just as we watched the first pitch of the 2005 season together. I couldn’t help feeling a little sad, partly because it’s going to be another long winter before pitchers and catchers report to spring training again, and partly because watching My Ho keep score during games used to be very exciting for me. But then Fox showed Barbara Bush marking her scorecard during the game last night, and that pretty much ruined that.

Damn Republicans.


Lisa said...

You're right, the Republicans ruin everything! :)
I actually was rooting for the 'Stros (I'm a Texas Dem) but you're right, the Bush matriarch really ought to have put the kibosh on that.

EverydaySuperGoddess said...

Thank you for not being offended by that mean thing I said about Texas.

If there are even a FEW lefties there (and I sincerely didn't think there were), then it can't be ALL bad...

Plus, you know, Texans have been very nice to the Katrina survivors they took in. I will give them that, too.

But that's IT.

Lisa said...

There really are just a FEW of us! I wasn't offended by anything you said at all. After all, we are the state that gave you Tom Delay. (The problem is that you all never passed him on to France). For that I am supremely sorry.

We didn't have much choice about the Katrina people - the hospitality instinct runs too deep. The upside, however, is that we now have all manner of good cajun restaurants springing up.

esg's ho said...

I dare say that watching Barbara Bush score shouldn't ruin the excitement of scoring. Uhhhh, wait, maybe I don't dare say that.

Actually, though, Barbara Bush wasn't keeping score. She was sending a bitch note to Harriet Miers.

To: Ms. Miers
From: The Matriach
Re: Move, bitch.

Harriet, Everyone knows this Supreme Court thing was payback for you scoring with my boy at the White House Halloween party. You coming dressed as Laura simply wasn't fair to Little W. Withdraw now, you legal harlot!

Somehow, that got interpreted by the announcers as Babs keeping score during the game. I am sure there'll be a retraction presently, and you'll be able to go back to the pure enjoyment of scoring.