Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Grandpa’s on eBay

My most excellent cousin Catherine sent me this link yesterday.

My Great-Grandfather Devoy, the original owner of my family’s much-revered cabin in Upper Michigan, was big into taking photographs. The cousin who sent me the link has that same steamboat shot in print form (her scanned version is below). I didn’t realize any of my great-grandfather’s photos had been made into postcards back in the day, but there it is. The names, dates and locations all match up.

What’s really cool is that, based on the hills in the background, it looks he must have been standing in the exact spot where our dock is now when he took the photo. There are houses and a county park over there now, but otherwise the view is the same.

I was curious about how the postcard ended up on eBay, so I e-mailed the seller, and this was her response:

Wow, that is so cool! We bought about 400 postcards in Pelham NH at an estate sale. Most of the cards were addressed to Stevens Point, Wis. Times like this I wish I had known before and I could have just sent it to you! Thanks and take care.

That’s an even better eBay find than my Kate Spade Georgetown Carlyle handbag…


Erin said...

Lurking "Yooper" alert! Read you all the time and all of a sudden you are talking about my neck of the woods. Lake Gogebic is a beautiful area. I am about 100 miles east of there.No surprise that your family loves their cabin there.

EverydaySuperGoddess said...

Why Erin, you're not a Watersmeet Nimrod, are you, eh?

Meghan said...


Tammy said...

Very cool! I collect postcards and this would be such a 'thing' for me. Enjoying your blog!

Erin said...

I am a wee bit slow on catching up lately...No, I am no Nimrod. I would love one of thier t-shirts tho. Too funny! I would be a Mqt Redette (if I went to HS here.Which I didn't).