Thursday, August 25, 2005

I SO Deserve a Raise

Last weekend on PBS I caught a little bit of one of those motivational speakers they sometimes show during pledge week. This one featured a woman speaking to an auditorium full of people on the subject of improving their time management skills.

She said that when we are working and the phone rings, if we stop to answer it, deal with whatever issue the caller has, and then go back to work, the whole process takes an average of about 11 minutes (I can’t remember the exact number, but it was something like that).

She also said that, when the phone rings while we are working, if we let the call go to voicemail, finish what we’re doing before listening to the caller’s message, and then call the person back to deal with whatever issue they were calling about, the whole process takes an average of 8 minutes.

So all this time I have been ignoring the ringing phone on my desk, I thought it was out of laziness and a borderline anti-social personality. But now it seems that I have been being an INCREDIBLY EFFICIENT employee all along!

Yay for ME!

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Lin said...

If you need anyone to write a letter of recommendation, I'll write it for you!