Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Head Trauma Barbie

It seems that during the waning days of summer, the Demigoddsses have been filling their time playing a little game called "Barbie Modeling School."

As I understand the story, one of the Barbies who attends the modeling school recently got mad at another of the Barbie students over some kind of fashion faux-pas. A Barbie girl-fight ensued, during which one Barbie was knocked into a wall, breaking an ankle and causing a severe head injury.

But the injured Barbie, she is bravely on the road to recovery.

Do I not have the coolest kids ever?


Heidi Klum said...

Yes, you do.

Lin said...

Cool, but better than cool, hysterical!

Amy said...

Maybe you could team up with Batgirl and make a Lego recreation for your blog. Kinda like a reality show.

Anonymous said...

A Barbie-fight is cool. Can Barbies fight at all or just do some harmless hairpulling?