Friday, August 12, 2005

Things I Learned During My Trip To Seattle

1. Seattle is BEAUTIFUL.

2. The people there are SO NICE!

3. You can get fresh blackberries at Pike Place Market for $4.00 a pint. Yes, I said FOUR freakin' dollars a pint! And Ranier cherries, too! And peaches as big as your head!

4. Mmmmmmmmmmm... Safeco...

5. My Ho and I, we make damn good travel companions.

6. In his regular clothes and in person, Juan "Booberry" Rincon is a very, very pretty human being. He has skin like an angel. And he's much taller than I thought he was.

7. I am physically incapable of speech when I run into professional baseball players in hotel elevators.

8. Mariners fans, they love them some Ichiro. And Kettle Corn.

9. Mainers fans don't like Bret Boone, either.

10. My cousin Tiffany rocks. (But really, I knew that already.) I will never again bug her about moving back to Minneapolis, because I totally get it now.

11. I (heart) halibut.

12. Old Navy stores in Seattle sell exactly the same stuff as the Old Navy stores in Minneapolis.

13. It is possible to spend five days in Seattle without swallowing a single drop of Starbuck's coffee, although it isn't easy.

14. It took a thousand miles and fourteen innings, but my Radke jersey is no longer cursed.

15. Turns out that you can bring knitting needles on a plane if they're plastic.

16. Airplane seats suck.

To be continued...


Batgirl said...

Dear Ms. Goddess,

Who did you run into? Tell me eVERYTHING!


Meghan said...

Sounds Awesome. Who did you run into on the elevator?

Amy said...

Welcome back! Sounds like a fab trip! Love the hotel! Love the Nordstrom! And LOVE THE FOOD!