Friday, August 05, 2005

Westward, Ho!

I keep waiting for the big, horrible, unexpected complication to appear and cause trouble before my Ho and I leave for Seattle on Sunday. So far, it isn’t happening. Weird.

It may well be unprecedented, but I really believe that I. Have. Thought. Of. EVERYTHING.

The bills that need paying have been paid. The mail has been stopped for the week. The health examinations and corresponding forms for the children and the dog have been completed and sent to the camp and the kennel, respectively. Directions and a map to camp have been delivered to the ex-mother-in-law. Work duties have been temporarily reassigned. The laundry is mostly done, and the Demigoddesses have begun packing. Emergency phone numbers have been distributed. I just went to the bank and withdrew more cash than I have seen in one place in a long, long time. The Demis and I will do one last trip to Target today to purchase all the last-minute necessary stuff, and after that we’ll be good to go--them to camp and me to the West Coast. I even gave myself a fresh pedicure last night.

Going on vacation is exhausting.

I’m still trying to figure out what to pack. More specifically, which shoes? The cute ones for going out at night, or the comfortable ones for walking all over during the day? Everyone knows that when it comes to shoes, cute and comfortable are mutually exclusive.

And… the Radke jersey--which is clearly cursed, but will look good on TV when Bert circles us during the games on Monday and Wednesday nights--or the “Lew Ford is My Boyfriend” T-shirt--which I love, but which will be impossible to read on camera?

(Note: I wanted to buy a new jersey for the occasion, but then there was that purse, and sometimes being a grownup is all about making hard choices.)

If I get out there and find that I chose wrong and left something that I want, or packed something I don't… well, I’ll probably just die a painful death, wracked with shame and blistered ugly feet.

At least the knitting needles question has been settled for me. No needles allowed on the airplane. Apparently handicrafts are a serious threat to western civilization as we know it.

(I’m just gonna go ahead and not think about terrorists any more, thanks…)

Take care. I’ll be back.


Amy said...

Being not-big on sports, I'm so glad you made the right decision re: the purse!

Have a great time! have some really good coffee for me!

Batgirl said...

Dear Goddess,

Do you have a sign for Bert?
Do. Not. Wear. The. Radke. Jersey.

Pleadingly yours,