Thursday, August 04, 2005

Reasons I Am All Wobbly and Excited Today

Reason #1: My cousin Tiffany, who lives in Seattle, e-mailed me a list of things that my Ho and I must do and see while we are out there next week. It was a two-page list, including Chinatown and Pike Place Market, ferry rides and buttercream-frosted cupcakes, and sipping sangria in a former brothel. I want to do every one of them.

No... I want to roll around in and gobble up every one of them.

What to pack? I don’t travel, except to our cabin. Packing for that I can do in my sleep, but I don’t think extra batteries and Benadryl antihistamine cream are going to help me on this one. What shoes? Can I bring knitting needles on the plane?

Reason #2: After seven straight losses, my beloved Minnesota Twins brilliantly won against one of Oakland’s better pitchers last night, and my Ho and I were there in person to see it happen. As always, he was keeping score, and I admit that I’m a geek, but it is SO HOT when he does that, especially when we’re mid-conversation and he marks the plays down on the score sheet without even pausing to look at what he’s doing. Yeah. He’s that good.

Reason #3: After doing a little research, I found a very nice used black Kate Spade Sam bag (the standard Kate Spade “starter” bag) on Ebay that I’m pretty sure is not a fake, so I placed a bid that I could almost even afford, and I got it! It will be waiting for me when I get home from Seattle!

My first Kate Spade. I can hardly breathe just thinking about it.

Reason #4: I had a lovely conversation with my ex-mother-in-law last night, during which she disclosed that all of her other children (the four that I didn’t used to be married to) call the universally-hated step-psycho “meat face.” So you see, that “universally-hated” bit is not just me being the spiteful ex-wife. She really is that awful.

Reason #5: Demigoddess the Elder has been kinda sweet on a particular boy since early last year. This is exactly the sort of thing I have been dreading since the day she was born, but (thankya Jeebus) I enthusiastically approve of this one. He’s smart (advanced math), likes baseball, and he’s cute (very clean!). All this week she’s been attending a mini-camp for the school debate team, which she competed on last year. Yesterday, she and Cute Boy had a little one-on-one time preparing arguments together. He held the door for her!

Vicarious wobbly excitement totally counts!

Reason #6: MizzJenny just sent me an e-mail.

How can I be expected to work when I am such a ROCK STAR?


Meghan said...

DUDE. MizzJenny is MINE!!! MINE MINE MINE!!!!!

I'm just kidding. I know you two will love eachother. You really will. Maybe between the TWO of us, we can get her to run away from the circus for a weekend for a visit to the great nothern midwest.

Jenny said...

Ahahaha! Ladies, ladies, as you can see from the pictures, there is MORE than enough of me to go around.

Katie the Amazing said...

my god, did you have to mention that whole debate camp thing?!