Monday, January 30, 2006

A Glimpse of My Monday

One phone call from Demigoddess the Younger, who forgot to bring her swimsuit for gym class to school this morning. When I said I wouldn't be able to take an hour out of my day to bring it to her at the junior high, she was most eloquently incensed.

Two phone calls from the contractor who started work on my house this morning. The second was to tell me that the needed repairs may be more extensive than he first anticipated, and that insurance may or may not cover all of them. He’ll let me know.

Three e-mails from my lawyer regarding ongoing wrangling with my ex, including a stipulation for me to read and comment on.

Four of the seven PowerPoint presentations for various executives that I have been assigned to make presentable by Thursday morning.

Five phone calls and two desk visits from our CEO’s tech-clueless assistant who would like for me to teach her how to use PowerPoint on this, the head of our company’s first venture into PowerPoint presentations.

One phone call from the school nurse’s office asking me to come fetch Demigoddess the Elder, who was apparently in the throes of an immobilizing stomach ache, followed by a trip to the junior high, to my house, and back to work again.

And all of that?

Was before noon.

Favorite Quote of the Day:

"I can't help you today. I'll tell you that one time nicely. The second time, there will be bludgeoning."


Melissa said...

Just a pic to give you some humor for the day. Ex's suck. Suck ass. That's all I can say about that.

Melissa said...