Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ungrateful AND Hearing-Impaired

ESG: I’ll need you to take this pizza out of the oven in a few minutes because "Lost" is about to start, and once it’s on I’m not moving from the couch.

Demigoddess the Younger: Are you going to give me a tip?

ESG: I gave you life. There will be no tipping.

DY: You gave me lice?

ESG: LIFE! I gave you LIFE! You managed the LICE all on your own!


Meghan said...

HA! I have psychosomatic head-lice. Since the goddesses babysat I have had imaginary vermin in my hair. At least I hope it's imaginary.

Dawn said...

Those of us in Early Childhood kept an emergency bottle of LICE BE DEAD in our pantry's. Then we could wash the hell out of our hair , just in case.

MFing Nits!!!

Lin said...

Lice, Schmice...that little demigoddess is sincerely funny. Takes after her Mom, although I'm sure your hearing doesn't suffer from the whole temporary hearing loss that kids that age have.

D the E said...

sorry, meghan!

Anonymous said...

For a great hearing impaired look at life read SWAP by Sam Moffie.