Friday, January 06, 2006

You Have To Stand It

I went to see the Gay Cowboy Movie right before Christmas with two of my sisters and two of my sister cousins. The only guy among us was my sister Molly’s boyfriend, Shane, who is obviously very secure in his masculinity if he's willing to go see Brokeback Mountain with a gaggle of babes in broad daylight where people might actually SEE him.

I went into the theater making jokes about the fact that I could say to people, “I’m going to see the Gay Cowboy Movie,” and everyone knew exactly which film I was talking about. But when I came out again, I wasn’t laughing any more.

As we waited in the theater lobby for the last of us to finish up in the restroom, even my cousin Tiffany, who is rarely silent for more than 14 consecutive seconds, was speechless. Finally, she said simply, “That was so sad.”

And all I could do was nod agreement. “Really sad.”

Shane had disappeared, and I wondered aloud if he had gone to the car to have a quiet moment and cry a little.

All I know for sure is that if Heath Ledger can make every one of us chicks want to have a mad hot affair with a gay cowboy, he must certainly win the best actor Oscar.

Because... damn.


rob said...

Brokeback is high on my list but I haven't had the opportunity yet. Perhaps tonight.

When I first saw the preview for it (on our birfday, ESG) attached to Capote, and realized that it was directed by Ang Lee, I leaned over to my date and said, "'s 'Crouching Cowboy, Hidden Homo.'"

We haven't had a second date.

EverydaySuperGoddess said...

Our party enjoyed much discussion of alternate titles as well.

Gay Cowboys = Comedy Gold.

Meghan said...

Saw it yesterday. You are correct. Damn. Is it bad for a woman to want to make out with a gay cowboy?

Damn. Damn that Heath Ledger. I wish I could quit him.

Damn! Damn.

Meghan said...

Oh, and that Jake Gyllenhal ain't nuthin to sneeze at neither. (Spitting Chaw).

I wish I could quit him too.