Thursday, January 26, 2006

Life, the Universe, and “Project Jay”

Part of the reason for the piranhas is that lately my job has required that I actually work, and has not left a lot of time for my usual soul-restoring activities like blogging and shopping for handbags on eBay.

I can’t help but attribute the present state of things to the Kate Spade Georgetown Carlyle bag that I scored last week. Although I acquired it for an astonishingly good price, it wasn’t exactly in the budget, so there’s been anxiety and there’s been guilt, and karmic forces must be causing my high-end accessory remorse to draw this work craziness to me. Fortunately, the handbag is exceptionally delicious, so it and Wednesday night’s Lost/Project Runway lineup continue to make my life worth living.

The only thing is, after last night’s Lost episode, all through Project Runway I kept hearing Claire’s voice in my head screeching for her baby. Of course, in Australian, that sounds more like “Moy Buy-Bee! Somebody saaaaave Moy Buy-Beeeeee!” She may be a tiny, helpless blonde who has survived a plane crash and childbirth in the jungle and yet manages to look perpetually angelic, but enough with the high-pitched hysteria, already.

And speaking of universal justice, the ever-abrasive, model-stealing Zulema got hers in the end, didn’t she? I also found it highly gratifying to see Santino finally humbled into submission (An also-ran behind Austin Scarlett! Oh, the humanity!).

But I’m thinking that Mr. Jay McCarroll has drunk just a smidge too much of his own Kool Aid since last season’s Project Runway win. Karma may be a bee-yatch, but the new Jay-Who’s-Getting-His-Very-Own-Special seems to have become a even bigger one…


Melanie Lynne Hauser said...

Ooh, another Project Runway junkie! Totally agree - Jay was way too big for his designer britches. But I did love that Zulema went. I had some anxiety concerning Nick, one of my favorites. He really let her mess with his head!

rob said...

Yeah...I've wanted Zulema to be "Auf'd" for some time, but was happy that she stuck around for the maximum carnage dealt by Nina via, "This is the third time your presentation has SUCKED*."

I will now use this time to sing a song of Chloe and how much I, A) Want to see her take it, and B) Want to see her naked.

I hizzart her.

Jay smacks of low self esteem, much like Santino; mad skills, mad social retardation.

*mad paraphrase

madge said...

I didn't watch last season, so I was all, "Who's THIS loser who thinks so highly of himself?"

Nice creative inspiration Zulema. A dress to inspire a dress? I do NOT think so.