Monday, November 28, 2005

Don't Call Us Baby

Demigoddess the Younger: We could hear you and your Ho giggling during the movie.

ESG: Sorry.

DY: It wasn’t an appropriate part to be laughing in.

ESG: It was at the part when Johnny Cash is at June’s door, and he says something like, "Come on, baby," and June goes, "Baby, baby, baby!" and then slams the door in his face.

DY: Yeah.

ESG: We were laughing because My Ho used to sometimes call me "baby," but I didn't like it, so I asked him to stop, and he did. I forgot all about it until that part in the movie, when he whispered in my ear, "I guess June doesn’t like being called baby, either."


Meghan said...

That is funny. Baby.

esg's ho said...

You know, if Reese Witherspooon was just a li'l bit purtier, she'd be as purty as ESG.

Prego said...

Here's a variation on the Sly & the Family Stone classic:

"Don't call me baby, honey"
"Don't call me honey, baby"