Monday, November 07, 2005

Please Don't Leave Me

It's time again for the agonizing three-day meeting. From tomorrow through Thursday, I will be in the immediate physical presence of the powers that be from my place of employment, and will, therefore, have to actually be, you know, working.

And not blogging.

Or even reading blogs.

I'm starting to have the shakes already.

On Friday, if I haven't suffered too much brain damage, my Goddess self will return with more eloquence and wit... except that I will be bringing it to you as a Goddess who is one year older, since my birthday is Wednesday.

During my brief absence, feel free to occupy yourselves with shopping for luxurious and expensive gifts to shower me with.


Lin said...


(you deserve a little tiny computer for your birthday so you can take it on these three-day biz meetings)

Dawn said...

Ooooohhhhhh RETREATS. I hate me some retreats.

My deep condolences.

Prego said...

na - na - na na NA na na They say it's your birthday
na - na - na - na na na na na We're gonna have a good time
na - na - na - na na na na na I'm glad it's your birthday na - na - na - na na na na na
Happy birthday to you

rob said...

What do you, me and Lou Ferrigno have in common? guessed it: Highly mannish pecs.

Oh...and November 9th birthdays.

Happy birthday to us.