Tuesday, November 22, 2005

It’s All about The Timing

Demigoddess the Elder had three teeth pulled yesterday. For over an hour I sat in a chair near her feet, rubbing her ankles as she squirmed and cried in the chair. Twice I had to look away. Once I felt nauseous. But I held it together and tried to talk her through it.

Six shots of novocaine later the dentist still couldn’t extract the last root fragment of one molar, even after the yanking and the blood and the drilling and the cutting and still more yanking. The dentist stitched her up temporarily, and then tried to get her an appointment with an oral surgeon for that afternoon, while I went downstairs to the pharmacy to fill her pain meds prescriptions.

I waited patiently in line, flanked by wobbling old people, as Shirley MacClaine screamed in my head, “GIVE MY DAUGHTER THE PILLLLLLLLLLLLS!” But outwardly, I was calm.

The oral surgeon wasn’t available until this morning, so I took Demi the Elder home. I replaced her bloody gauze, tucked her into bed, gave her some meds, and then went to the kitchen to get her a dish of sherbet.

And that’s when I fell apart.


Crazy Lady said...

Isn't it amazing how you can hold it together for your children, then breakdown when they are all tucked in and safe. We have been thru it 5 surgeries with our Big Guy, so I know it all to well. Hope the elder Demi does well today, and will be up to the turkey in a few days!

Dawn said...

Nothing proves a mother's love like packing the bloody gum holes.

Give that child some percocet!!

Prego said...

Rule #1 - You can't lose it in front of the kids...

Lin said...

Bless her heart...I had 12 molars extracted (four visits) when I was 12. Roots too long, they wouldn't fall out. Adult teeth needed the space so baby teeth had to come out. Miserable. But they all came out as planned. I'd be a little unhappy with the dentist for putting my kid through this. I suspect he didn't think it would be quite so difficult, but sheesh, that sounds just miserable... for mother and daughter. Hope she heals well.