Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bring On the Wire Hangers

In every mother/daughter relationship, opportunities occasionally arise for all parties involved to gain a little perspective. One such opportunity recently presented itself in the form of that cinematic classic of parenthood gone awry, “Mommie Dearest.”

Certainly, I have had my cold-cream and lipstick moments. But given that I have never bludgeoned either one of my children with a can of Ajax (or any other cleaning product, for that matter), after viewing some of the choicer scenes with me, the Demigoddesses had to agree that I am really not such a bad mom after all.

Even if I make them watch child abuse re-enactments on cable to prove it.


Lin said...

You have got to be among the smartest mothers walking this earth. What a perfect way to let one's girls know just how great one is! hahahahahahah

Brooke said...

"Don't fuck with me, fellas, this ain't my first time at the rodeo."

We saw it too. WHAT a fabulous POS movie.

Prego said...

Yeah... that mother/daughter thing can be a bitch, which is why I'm glad I'm neither and I have two boys. I won't ever have to utter the phrase "I should've know you'd know where to find the boys and the booze."

If you want to see the male perspective, check out The Great Santini or This Boy's Life. Though the drunken panache pales by "Mommie Dearest" standards, they do have their own charm.