Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Praise the Lord and Pass the Clicker

I do not miss my Old Navy part-time job. I do not miss it for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that my weeknights are once again MINE to do with as I please.

Well, mine after I do the dinner dishes and a couple of loads of laundry, and on nights when the Demigoddesses don’t have Girl Scouts or some other school function that they need to be delivered to and fetched from. But I digress.

What “once again mine” really means is that I am now free to devote my evenings to accumulating as much brain damage as possible by way of lots and lots of stupor-inducing television. And, starting tonight, I will finally have something to watch other than CRAPPY ASS BASEBALL. (Because all the yelling at the television and all the agonized weeping, it harshes my stupor.)

In addition to the Battle of the Network Reality Stars finale, tonight also brings the newest round of America’s Next Top Model AND the season premier of Lost.

Lost is not a reality show, and therefore will be a small detour from my usual reality TV madness, but it comes highly recommended by the same very wise and trusted friend who highly recommended My Ho… and he turned out to be a fairly large and fairly positive detour from my usual boyfriend madness. Plus, the other night I caught part of a show that recapped most of last season’s Lost happenings, and, ooh! Creepy and intriguing! So I’m ging to try very hard to get over the fact that I can't think of Matthew Fox as anyone but Charlie from Party of Five, and give it a try.

Goodness, how I long for Tivo.

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