Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Top Five Issues I Am Having With “Battle of the Network Reality Stars”

1) They’re NOT all “Network Reality Stars,” because Real World, Road Rules and Project Runway are on cable. Duh.

2) Seeing Jerri from Survivor and Wendy Pepper from Project Runway together in the same place, along with Joe Millionaire and rejects from Temptation Island and America’s Next Top Model, well, it gives me a massive headache. I mean, the Real World/Road Rules challenges, they made sense because, you know, those shows are both on MTV. But this! This is an abomination! Waaaaaay too many worlds are colliding that were never meant to collide. I can’t get my brain around all the dysfunction, and when I try, it hurts.

3) No Lynda Carter, Gabe Caplan, Robert Conrad, OR Heather Locklear? What the hell? They're not even wearing tube socks, for cripe's sake. What a ripoff.

4) When exactly was there a show called “Joe Schmoe”? Did that one really ever exist at all? I’m thinking that this guy is some kind of a plant, because I am a total reality TV who-er, and I have never heard of him or his stupid fake show.

5) I cannot stop watching this idiocy.


ESG's Ho said...

You know, with each passing day I learn something more that makes me proud to be an American, er, I mean proud to be your Ho. I mean, we were watching Battle of the Network Stars together without knowing it. For those who don't get it, try:

Also, if you want to see Gabe Kaplan these days, you have to be watching the poker shows. Amazing the things that happen to people.

Meghan said...

Joe Shmoe was actually a really funny one. He was the only guy who didn't know that the rest of the "contestants" were actors.

I think he was emotionally scarred byt he whole incident which was sad because I really liked the guy.

Don't forget Heather Thomas! Everyone forgets Heather THomas!

Melanie Lynne Hauser said...

How did I miss this wonderful show? When is it on? What channel???

EverydaySuperGoddess said...

Wednesday nights on Bravo.

As with Project Runway, they air last week's episode at 7:00 p.m. (Central Time), and the new one at 8:00 p.m.

Watch at your own risk...